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Painted Hands

About me


Autistic & ADHD

I am an early childhood specialist with a background in neurodiversity and disability. I am a lecturer in early years & SEND at Goldsmiths University, an author & student completing my EdD at Sheffield University. 

My aim in working in the early years is to challenge the deficit narrative around development differences and to improve the quality of play-based intervention so that there is a move away from teaching neurodivergent children to mimic neurotypical skills, also referred to as masking. 


I offer a wide range of training on ableism, neurodiversity, autism, early childhood behaviour and inclusive practice. This is offered both online, and F2F.


I also offer virtual one-to-one surgery for individual advice. This is open to both early educators and parents and includes support planning, referral and understanding neurodivergent strengths and needs.

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