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Unlocking Umar - a book review

I have watched with excitement the build up to the release of Umar by David Cahn (perfect illustrations by Molly Puke) for some time. I have followed David on social media for a while and I have often been inspired by his refreshing and realistic view of what it is truly like to work with young children. Umar is a representation of this and the book shows how our attachments to children can leave great imprints in how we progress as early education professionals. In David's case, key person to author!

Umar is the tale of a real boy immersed in the awe and wonder of keys and locks. Mundane to some but to a key person and educator who chose not to dismiss the randomness of play, a world of questions, pondering, persistance and experimentation became possible. In short, it became anything but mundane.

I loved the book because it showed simplicity in illustrating the true complexity of early childhood. David's personal reflection is what makes the book truly come alive. Beyond Umar's interest in keys, it is a tale of the respect we must have for our young children's ways of learning.

So the next time you see your child obsessed with door handles, key, locks or every item in your purse, pursue it as it could be their next big breakthrough for their discovery and learning.

Copies of Umar can be purchased here:

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