#EYLibrary CPD Launchpad

When we talk about CPD, we often think about early years training courses or face-to-face events but the whole point in professional development is that it is continuous. Whether you read blogs, follow social media, listen to podcasts or read education magazines, you are learning something. And most likely applying that knowledge to your practice! 


The #EYLibrary launchpad is your very own journal to keep an ongoing record of your commitment and growth in knowledge to CPD. 


The journal has 12 months worth of CPD record including notes sheets, trackers, quotes to live by and reflections. So the next time someone asks, "how do you engage with CPD?", you have it all recorded!


Our CPD is ours to own! 


Please note - this is a pre-order and launchpads will be released in July & August. 


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